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Restoring Fallen Stones

Of the two hundred burials in the Routh Pioneer Cemetery, about one hundred are marked. Of those that are marked, only thirty have standing stones. We have begun our efforts to save those stones that have fallen.

In the 1990s, in an effort to preserve the stones, the Boy Scouts surrounded many of them with cement as vandalism of the cemetery was a serious issue at the time. In addition to needing to remove this cement, some of the coffins underground have collapsed, leaving holes of various sizes into which many of the fallen tombstones are sliding at greater and greater depth. This past spring, we uncovered four stones that had disappeared under the dirt.

The fallen stones are also weathering badly. In rainy weather, water collects in the symbols and carvings on the stone. After large rains, many of the stones are caked in mud. Freezing winter weather and direct summer sun have both added to the deterioration.

If we don't take action soon, these stones will be destroyed.

We have received a quote to completely restore, level, and clean these stones, but the total cost is close to $40,000. We need your help! Donate to our preservation efforts and Become a Member today.

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